The Lovards – France Fauteux

For forty years ceramic modelling and sculpturing have been an integral part of France Fauteux‘s life. With clay in her hand, experimentation in her head and creation in her heart, she has developed her style and shapes, vibrant textures, and a wide range of appropriate colours for her works.

The birds, animals and harmony that reign in nature are for her an inexhaustible source of inspiration. She loves to draw comparisons between animal and human behaviour. The similarities she discovers fascinate her to such a degree that she gives her animal sculptures a human personality. So much so, that people recognize in them their own emotions.  In 2007, she created an imaginary people of eighteen fabulous characters and their universe. During this work, each character was gradually fleshed out with experiences, humane emotions and expressions and  a fourth dimension, that of the heart, the soul. Each was given a life in a marvellous adventure published under the title: The Lovards, history of a creation.



You are in an imaginary country far from war and conflict, a wonderful place where nature is lush and generous, where harmony reigns. Here, live quietly eighteen characters shaped out of lovely red clay, and dressed in highly expressive textures and hues. Those fabulous animal sculptures were given physical and various attributes that show and enhance humane feelings and qualities.

One day, an incredible discovery transformed completely their daily life, and a real adventure began in their small community.