Sarah Michel

As a ceramics artist, Sarah Michel tries to bring art into the everyday life of people. She uses traditional skills while adding a contemporary and poetic touch. Her hope is that people will be intuitively attracted to a particular piece and that it will find its way into their home. That a person’s link with the piece will be more personal, more special than it would be with an industrially made object.

She is drawn by the material, the textures but particularly by their contrasts. Inspired by urban themes and nature, she combines the straight line to the curve; She merges the rough traits of the gesture and its impact on the material with the most meticulous details.

She enjoys the traces of life and time on things and she transposes these in her works. Her curiosity and interest in various materials and techniques is reflected in her production. Her pieces are mainly utilitarian, but also decorative. She combines etching, drawing, printing lace and lettering.

Her production is approachable and robust but also authentic and distinguished. By shaping and cooking with gas, she has found a way to express all these dualities within her which give her pieces such a unique character.

Source : Sarah Michel

Curieuse et passionnée des arts, avide de connaissances de toutes sortes et surtout de les partager, Sarah Michel utilise entre autres le médium de la céramique pour communiquer. C’est inspirée de l’urbanité et de la nature qu’elle allie la ligne droite à la courbe. En ayant une approche sculpturale dans sa production utilitaire, elle tente de démocratiser l’art en s’immisçant dans le quotidien des gens.

Finissante de la Maison des métiers d’art de Québec en 2011, elle a depuis participé à quelques expositions comme Carac’terre, Pop up Etsy, Salon Nouveau Genre et le Salon des Artisans de Québec. Elle est présentement à la Galerie Alfred-Pellan.

Possédant une formation en arts plastiques, différentes formes d’expressions font partie de sa pratique.

Source : Sarah Michel