Gilbert Poissant – Le jeu du collectionneur

Catalogue Le jeu du collectionneur


From Use to Contemplation

From the outset, the intentions behind MATERIA’s creation were to give Quebec a venue for contemporary fine craft, to promote the development of discourse around craft practices, and to contribute to the recognition of fine craft artists.

MATERIA today is a unique venue for distribution, interpretation and reflection around the works of contemporary fine craft, a fascinating and multi-faceted mirror offered to art lovers. The high calibre of the exhibitions, based on the quality of curators’ and artists’ proposals, is a testament to the value and importance of the contributions creative craft artists have made to the cultural life and development of our society. As such, inviting Gilbert Poissant to open our 10th anniversary program demonstrates MATERIA’s commitment to pursuing its mission.

For over thirty years, Poissant has been developing a practice anchored in the medium. His artistic process, always expressed with extraordinary consistency and exactness, is as vital in his objects, sculptures, and installations, as in the creation of architecturally integrated murals.

Marked by experimentation and research, his professional career has gained him extensive knowledge of materials and a rare mastery of technique, far exceeding the scope of ceramics. His art practice, thoroughly anchored in reality, offers us a very personal perspective on the world. Le jeu du collectionneur is a fine illustration of this.

His attentiveness to each of the objects is palpable. The artist takes us on a heady mix of assemblages, associations, and delicate balances. Relations of scale jostle one another, from the found object to ornaments, from architecture to cityscapes. There comes a time when the object that penetrates us through the senses eventually develops into a presence laden with memories. All Poissant’s work is part of this slow transition between the dazzling and masterful gesture and the timeless moment of emotion.

Yvon Noël
Director, Educational Activities and Access to Culture
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Production Éditions Varia, 2010. Français/Anglais.
ISBN 978-2-9807426-6-8 (MATERIA)
ISBN 978-289606-057-3 (Éditions Varia)