Abstractions très singulières

The print edition is discontinued, but now you can download it online : https://cfileonline.org/cfile-library-two-leopold-foulem-catalogs-that-are-distasteful-in-the-best-way/?mc_cid=d1971b322b&mc_eid=f418b38af0

Presenting Léopold L. Foulem’s exhibition Abstractions très singulières in our gallery is of special significance to us. This recent body of works illustrates masterfully the connection between today’s fine craft and contemporary art practices.

Foulem received, in 1999, the Jean A. Chalmers National Crafts Award, and in 2001, the Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence in the Crafts. He has been for the last thirty years a major ceramic artist in our country. His oeuvre, through its mastery of craftsmanship and the thoroughness of its conceptual agenda, transcends the limits of the field. In his case, history has become the very basis for a reflection on our relationship with material objects. Ceramics, although transformed and disguised, is at the heart of the issues tackled. The commitment and steadfastness with which Foulem braves the unexplored frontiers of ceramics, raising questions about the art of the container and pushing back its boundaries, leads us to view his work as a sensitive and sublime point of reference.

With the publication of this catalogue, the Centre Materia is pleased to celebrate the extraordinary contribution of Léopold L.Foulem to the world of ceramics.

Yvon Noël
Director from 2001 to 2006
Maison des métiers d’art de Québec

Editions MATERIA, 2000. Français/Anglais. Discontinué.
ISBN 2-9807426-0-0