December 20 to 23, 2018

Québec City, December 3, 2018 – From December 20 to December 23, in addition to its regular boutique, Materia will be offering a selection of pieces by some forty of its artist members. Unique ceramic and woodworking objects, jewellery, art binding, sculptures, textile and glass work pieces, just in time for Christmas!

Artist exhibitors:

Aimée Wan, Amandine Daviet, Andrée Bélanger, Anne Plourde, Anne-Sophie Vallée, Annie Choquette, Arbol cuisine, Atelier Margot, Attila Hrubos, Carole Baillargeon, Catherine Baril, Catherine Ferland, Catherine Granche, Christian Faucher, Cyndie Belhumeur, Dompierre, Emilie Proulx, Emma Senft, Énora Verre d’Art, Femme Mécanique Designs, Gabrielle Desmarais, Hélène Chouinard, Ilana Pichon, Isabelle Couillard, Johanne Piché, Jonathan Gervais, Judith Dubord, Julie Simoneau, Kathy Ouellette, Laura McKibbon, Laura Sasseville, Laurent Craste, Louise Claveau, Louve Montréal, Mackay-Marois, Marianne Chénard, Marie-Eve G. Castonguay, Marie-Michèle B. Lemaire, Mélodie Laroche, Miss Cloudy, MP Daigle, Olga Artemova, Out. Outils & Accessoires, Parallèle Soixante, Sarah Michel, Sophie Chapados, Ute Wolff, Zafutopia

With this event, Materia wishes to showcase Québécois creators while allowing the public to discover unique products.

The Christmas Pop-Up benefits from the special collaboration of Engramme and Galerie 3. It is part of the 3rd edition of the Virée du temps des fêtes in the St-Roch district.

Materia is an artist-run centre and an exhibition space whose mission is to disseminate and promote research and creation in the field of contemporary fine crafts, on a local, regional, and national level.