NakedCraft A Noter

September 26 to November 29, 2015
Opening on September 26 from 5 p.m.

Collective exhibition — Canada—Scotland

Sandra Alfoldy, Denis Longchamps, Juliette MacDonald, Emma Quin et Arno Verhoeven, curators.

MATERIA starts its season by presenting Naked Craft.This exhibition was put together as an echo to the Craft Year 2015 and from researches led by its five curators with many collaborators. It puts in conjunction the works of Canadian and Scottish artisans.

The Naked Craft network is an international collective of researchers, curators and other fine crafts specialists. It works towards a better definition of fine crafts and a better understanding of the evolution of the practices linked to traditions and heritage in an international context. Over four years and two countries, the network has produced two residencies, three symposiums, a traveling exhibition and a publication.

The exhibition presented at Centre MATERIA is divided in four themes, each of which explores a different angle of fine crafting. It covers the history and trends in fine crafts as well as their purpose and impacts for such northern cousins as Scotland and Canada.

Artists: Sarah Alford, Jilli Blackwood, Teresa Burrows, Martin Campbell, Jennifer Cantwell, Susan Collett, Caroline Dear, Jen Deschenes, Michael Hosaluk, Joanne B. Kaar, Beth Legg, John Little, Nicola Mainville, Amanda McCavour, Kevin Morris, Aaron Nelson, Clint Neufeld, Claudio Pino, Amélie Proulx, Jeanette Sendler, Amanda Simmons, Kari Woo.


Naked Craft Live

At Manoir Montmorency
On September 25, 2015

In addition to the exhibition and the Canadian Crafts Federation’s Annual Conference, the lecture Naked Craft Live will also be held. Various aspects of fine crafts will be discussed by four renowned speakers:

NakedCraft_Longchamps Dr. Denis Longchamps
Chief Curator, Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario.

Keynote speaker

NakedCraft_Alfoldy Dr. Sandra Alfoldy
Professor in Craft History, NSCAD University, Nouvelle-Écosse.

NakedCraft_MacDonald Dr. Juliette MacDonald
Head of the School of Design, Edinburgh College of Art, Écosse.

Invited by Centre MATERIA

NakedCraft Pino Claudio Pino, Jeweler and goldsmith, Québec.

Open to the public. For tickets, visit :


MATERIA is 15 years old!

Fondé en septembre 2000, le centre MATERIA fête ses 15 ans! Conservant son statut de seul centre d’artistes autogéré consacré aux métiers d’art au Canada, MATERIA représente toujours l’excellence et l’innovation dans le domaine. Par ailleurs, la programmation 2015 de MATERIA s’inscrit parfaitement dans l’Année des métiers d’art, un festival pancanadien qui vise à promouvoir les métiers d’art à titre d’acteur clé dans la culture canadienne.