Bandeau STYX

From April 3 to May 17, 2015, Centre MATERIA is presenting Violette Dionne’s exhibition STYX EXPRESS –Sculptures. The Montreal artist will be attending the opening on April 3 as of 5 p.m., when 16 of her beautiful works created between 2009 and 2014 will be unraveled.

Borrowing from the most ancient techniques and materials, Violette Dionne creates contemporary shapes and figures, under evocative yet enigmatic titles. The eponymous work refers to the Styx which, in Greek mythology, is one of the rivers of Hell where a diabolic machine transports its passengers at high speed. The at times dark humor and irony in Mrs Dionne’s work suggest a tragicomic reading of human quirks. Sculpted characters end up in unfortunate positions, drawn into heroic battles or mad dances, their heads and limbs transformed into tools and mechanical pieces.  

The strength of these works lies in the great mastery of the material. The clay coated in engobe gives the works the appearance of sculpted stone, creating an ambiguity about the medium that leads to multiple readings. Rich textures and subtle shades combine in antic looking pieces, while the represented figures express very contemporary matters. Centre MATERIA is really proud to unravel in Quebec City such high quality works that have been applauded many times. Visitors will definitely enjoy discovering them or seeing them again and again.

Born in Quebec City, Violette Dionne has completed graduate studies in visual arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal. During her many stays in Europe, she has become familiar with the forms of roman and gothic art. Mrs Dionne has shown her work in about ten solo exhibitions throughout Quebec and Switzerland, and in many collective exhibitions in Canada and France. She has also created public art and integration of art into architecture projects. She currently lives and works in Montreal, where she teaches sculpture workshops to small groups. 

MATERIA is 15 years old!
The year 2015 is an important landmark for Centre MATERIA: in September 2015, the center will celebrate its 15th anniversary! Maintaining its status as the only artist-run center dedicated to fine crafts in Canada, MATERIA still represents excellence and innovation in its field. Moreover, MATERIA’s 2015 programming is perfectly in line with Craft Year, a festival designed to promote fine crafts as key actors of our nation’s culture.