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Dual Exhibition
At Centre MATERIA from September12 to November 16, 2014
Opening on September 12 at 5 p.m.

From September 12 to November 16, 2014, Centre MATERIA is presenting a dual exhibition featuring ceramists France Goneau and Vera Vicente. Join us on Friday, September 12 from 5 p.m. for the opening with the artists.

The latest productions of ceramists France Goneau and Vera Vicente are reunited in an exhibition marked by simplicity and elegance. Both attracted to the minimalism of black and white and shades of grey, they celebrate the evocative potential of matter through its contemplative qualities. The richness of volumes, paired with a chromatic unclutteredness, suggest familiar and organic metaphors. Centre MATERIA is proud to pursue its mission by presenting these definitely contemporary creations, where the ornamental aspect of the object is fundamental and emerges as primary function.

France Goneau has a bachelor degree from UQAM in Visual Arts as well as in Environmental Design. Since being in residence at the Studio du Québec in Tokyo in 2012, she has taken part in numerous exhibitions and appeared many times on the media in Japan. Her dense compositions join together hybrid shapes, drop shadows, rhythms and tensions. Combining porcelain and fabrics, her works presented at MATERIA reveal a breathtaking originality and a touching simplicity.

Vera Vicente has studied Art History at the University of Campinas in Brazil, Etching at the Gloria Kagawa in New Hamburg, Ontario, and Visual Arts at the Waterloo University in Ontario. She has been teaching twisting and forming at Acacia, her studio in Montreal, since 2001. She is presenting a series of sculptural vases where shadows and light trace the soft curves and become familiar yet mysterious objects. In an uncluttered fashion, they deal with the familiar and the unknown, the simple and the complex, the inside and the outside, with paradox.