2013 08 ATable

March 8 to 31 2013
Opening Friday, March 8 at 5PM


Sixteen Canadian goldsmiths set the table with their sculptural interpretations of rituals related to food.

Metal Collective, which Chantal Gilbert, jeweler, is currently member, works to raise awareness on the Canadian goldsmithing and its artists since 2000. The works in this exhibition, shaped from precious metals, offer as many reflections as there are artists on the rituals related to food. It is the diversity of ideas, techniques and materials that make us discover the depth of the theme À table!

When called to the dining table we usually expect some uniformity in plates and silverware. Not when sixteen Canadian metal artists set their places. Here bronze beavers vie with sterling silver geese, dragonflies, and oysters for our attention. Each artist has brought to the table his or her ideas about food production, childhood memories, liturgical ritual, dignity for the disabled, and observations about our throw-away society.

The exhibition is a feast for the eyes. Beautiful knives, a teapot, a silver straw, a cast fiddlehead, and found objects express the rich variety of Canadian life at the beginning of the 21st century. The artists are a collective of silversmiths formed around the matriarch of Canadian metalsmithing, Lois Betteridge. Many are members of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art.

Participants: Beth Alber, Jackie Anderson, Mary Anne Barkhouse, Anne Barros, Michael Belmore, Lois Etherington Betteridge, Brigitte Clavette, Charles Funnell, Chantal Gilbert, Elizabeth Goluch, Fiona Macintyre, Michael Massie, Mary K. McIntyre, Kye-Yeon Son, Myra Tulonen Smith et Ken Vickerson.

The artists Lois Etherington Betteridge, Chantal Gilbert, Brigitte Clavette et Beth Alber will be present for the opening, Friday March 8th at 5pm at Centre MATERIA, 395, Charest Est blv. in Quebec City. The exhibition will continue until March 31st, from Wednesday to Sunday, between 12pm to 5pm.