2011 03 LorsqueJAvais10ans1

March18th to April 3th, 2011


Collectif E&O

Olivier Bhérer-Vidal (paper) – Florence Boivin (knitting) – Mathieu Fecteau (sculpture) – Geneviève Garneau (wickerwork) – Julien Lebargy (stringed instruments making) – Emilie Proulx (embroidery) – Anne-Marie Rébillard (jewellery) – Olivier Roberge (fine wood working) – Loriane Thibodeau (céramics) – Geneviève Vigneault (glass)

March 18th– March 24th: «Lab phase» of the event
Realization of the collective work from individual creations: exchanges, progressive growth of the installation,
documentation of the event and the creative process.

Varnishing-day and talk on Friday March 25th at 5:00 PM

March 25th to April 3rd: «exhibition phase» of the event
Highlighting of the entire creative process, from its elaboration to the accomplished results, taking into account the influence of exchanges in both individual and collective work.

Presented from March 18th to April 3rd 2011, in the context of the 10th anniversary of Centre MATERIA, the event-exibition entitled Lorsque j’avais 10 ans… (When I was 10 years old…) is a playful project. The event is under the direction of E &O, a team of two young curators, Olivier Roberge and Emilie Proulx. The inspiring theme which evokes childhood memories is also a reflection on the evolution of perceptions. In this event-exhibition rich in spontaneity, visitors will also revisit their forgotten memories, momentarily erased by the passage of time. The event is presented in the framework of Première Ovation (First ovation), a program aiming at supporting emerging young creators from Québec City in their career and in the enlargement of their network.

“MATERIA is now 10 years old. What was I doing at 10? What were the games I played? What did I like?” With these questions came the idea of an event in which the public would observe 10 emerging craft artists play with the material used in several disciplines.

After a meeting between selected artists, a chain of drawing was started in the manner of an exquisite corpse (a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled). A theme played the role of a common denominator linking the artists: “When I was 10…” The artists were invited to revisit their childhood and see what it means to them: a cabin in a tree, crayons, gouache, etc.

In the exhibition room, each artist will have a workspace. This space is intended to present the artist’s approach and his previous work via photographs, sketches and objects. During a few days, artists will experiment with materials and techniques in their craft discipline, using the initial drawing along with other items previously made (these being easy to assemble or modify). During the event, they will discover at the same time as the visitors, the works of the other artists and the way they too revisited childhood for their inspiration.

Individual works will gradually become an installation consisting of the sum of the realizations of the 10 artists. In their working process, they can mix, redesign and retouch their work while observing the interactions between them. For a few days in a context that could remind the spirit of a workshop residence, the public will gladly discover, observe and meet emerging talents of Quebec, and become more familiar with the process of creating.

The opening day will mark the beginning of the “exhibition” phase of the event. The exhibition will show the entire creative process and will feature the results of the creators’ interactions, as well as individual and collective works. Exchanges between artists and visitors pertaining to the process of artistic creation will also occur during the opening.

MATERIA has 10 years of existence and for its birthday, the Centre will be in a joyful and frenzy mood. This event strong with childhood memories will offer an opportunity to make the creative process more accessible to the public.

Collectif E&O, curator