Membership and renewal

Do you care deeply about improving and increasing the impact of fine crafts in Québec? Then become a member of Materia. As a member, you will greatly contribute to our efforts and actively participate in achieving our goals.

By becoming a member of Materia, you will be helping make the work of artists who create fine crafts better known and will contribute to:

  • The development of current practices in the field of fine crafts;
  • Making known the excellent work of the artists in the field;
  • The exposure of our artists at home and abroad;
  • Promoting the work of younger artists.

Categories of members:

Artist Member ($20 a year)
Any natural person who defines himself as a qualified professional in the field of fine crafts and who meets the following requirements, in accordance with the Statute of the Artist S-32:

  • He declares himself to be a craftsman or a professional artist;
  • He produces works on his own behalf;
  • His works are exhibited, produced, published, performed in public or marketed by a promoter;
  • He has been recognized by his peers as a professional artist by way of an honourable mention, an award, a prize, a scholarship, an appointment to an adjudication committee or an invitation to participate in a salon or by any other similar means.

Materia indicates the name of its artist members on its website and adds a hyperlink to their professional websites.

Supporting Member ($20 a year)
Any natural or legal person interested in the aims and activities of Materia.

Duration of membership
Membership is valid from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.

Payment methods

Click here for the payment, then complete the form and send it by email to:

Complete the form and send it with your check payable to: Centre Materia.

On the opening hours of the gallery, we can receive your payment by credit card (418-524-0354 ext. 246).

In person:
Visit us on the opening hours of the gallery and pay cash, check or credit card.