Centre Materia is proud to announce the launch of cultural mediation project Tric-o-mobile, a new playful activity inside our gallery walls as of October 17, 2019!

The ambulatory work designed by artist Mathieu Fecteau is a mobile sculpture with a knitting dolly mechanism that one can activate through a pedal crank. Visitors will be able to knit tuques and collars to take home with them or to give to a community organization.

By creating bounds with local cultural and community actors in Saint-Roch, Saint-Sauveur, and their surroundings, Centre Materia wishes to democratize textile art through a positive activity based on socializing and solidarity. The Tric-o-mobile’s goal is to educate people on fine crafts through an interactive playful approach.

As of October 17, the Tric-o-mobile will visit the Maison Revivre and various outside locations.  Tuques and collars are utilitarian objects with warm comforting properties. We hope that these knitted objects become tangible memories of a joyful experience and introduce people to fine crafts in a playful way. The experience will be carried again in Spring. The Tric-o-mobile will be set up in the window display at Centre Materia, 367 Charest Blvd East.

The project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Entente de développement culturel between the Québec Government and the City of Québec.